Apple Watch Repairs

CTS can offer Apple Watch and replacement services. Are you experiencing issues with Apple Watch and not sure what to do or where to take it to, fill out the form below and we will get back to you straight away.

In warranty

If your product is in Warranty then you don’t have to pay a penny for a replacement Apple Watch, simply tell us your problem and will sort out the rest for you.

Out of warranty

We can still help you, we have the option of offering you an Out of Warranty exchange product. Call us today 01637 878 318 or fill out the form below.

Apple Care Cornwall

If you are not local to CTS Newquay Cornwall you also have the option of us sending you out a FREE postage label.

Back Up

Before you send or bring in your product please make sure to back up your device, not sure how to do this please click this link -



Certified Apple Technicians


Our Certified Apple Technicians are fully qualified and the perfect guys to get your Apple product back up and running again, we will also give you advice and support with the endless knowledge of Apple products we have to offer.


Certified Apple Technicians


If your Apple device is in Apple Warranty or AppleCare then we will not charge a penny for your repair. It does not matter where you purchased this from we have got you covered.


Certified Apple Technicians


For only £60 our certified Apple engineer will diagnose the isse with your Apple Mac, giving you peace of mind that the diagnosis we provide you will have your system up and running with no further issues after the repair.


Certified Apple Technicians


At CTS we know how much your Apple product is important to you, when you leave your product with us you are kept up to date via email every step of the way. At any point you want to see how your Apple product is coming along you can login to our website and track your order online.


Certified Apple Technicians


You cannot be without your Apple device for too long, so at CTS we work on every repair within 48 working hours, once diagnosed most repairs are dealt with within 3 – 4 working days at the very most. All Mac repairs are kept in house, these do not get sent away. This is also the case for most iPhone, iPad, iPod and Apple Watch repairs.