Apple iPhone Repairs

In Warranty 

As an Apple Authorised Service Provider. One of certified iOS technicians can diagnose your device in store and run through the most ideal solution for you. Our repair process does not invalidate your warranty.

Loaner phones are available, please call ahead for availability.

Out Of Warranty 

We can repair most iPhone issues, if your iPhone is no longer in warranty or repairs that are not covered under your Apple Limited Warranty. These include:

  • Display Replacement
  • Battery
  • Taptic Engine
  • Sound Issues

All repairs come with an Apple Warranty of 3 months or the remainder of your devices Apple warranty.

Same Day Services

  • iPhone Display Replacement*
  • iPhone Battery Replacement 
  • iPhone Speaker Replacement
  • iPhone Tempered Glass Fitting
  • iPhone Whole Unit Replacement

*We hold the majority of displays in stock, please check for availability

iPhone Repair Costs and Repair Process 

Accidental damage isn't covered by the Apple One Year Limited Warranty, but AppleCare+ covers two incidents of accidental damage with a service fee.

Alot of high street stores use unauthorised Apple displays which will void Apple Warranty and the quality of the screen will be considerably different.

If you have chosen a non genuine repair option in the past, we work along side Apple to combat non genuine parts and we can still help in most cases.

We repair and exchange iPhones in house using Apple genuine parts .

Before you send or bring in your product please make sure to back up your device, not sure how to do this please click this link


iPhone Service Pricing


iPhone Model Battery Replacement Screen Repair Only Other Damage
iPhone 5c £79.00 £132.44 £266.44
iPhone 5/5s £79.00 £132.44 £266.44
iPhone SE £45.00 £132.44 £266.44
iPhone 6 £45.00 £132.44 £297.44
iPhone 6 Plus £45.00 £152.44 £326.44
iPhone 6s £45.00 £152.44 £297.44
iPhone 6s Plus £45.00 £166.44 £326.44
iPhone 7 £45.00 £152.44 £316.44
iPhone 7 Plus £45.00 £166.44 £346.44
iPhone 8 £45.00 £152.44 £346.44
iPhone 8 Plus £45.00 £166.44 £396.44
iPhone X £65.00 £282.44 £546.44
iPhone XR £65.00 £196.44 £396.44
iPhone XS £65.00 £282.44 £546.44
iPhone XS MAX £65.00 £326.44 £596.44


Screen repair and accidental damage fees with AppleCare+


iPhone Model  Screen repair only (AppleCare+) Other damage (AppleCare+)
All iPhone Models  £25 £79





Certified Apple Technicians


Our Certified Apple Technicians are fully qualified and the perfect guys to get your Apple product back up and running again, we will also give you advice and support with the endless knowledge of Apple products we have to offer.


Certified Apple Technicians


If your Apple device is in Apple Warranty or AppleCare then we will not charge a penny for your repair. It does not matter where you purchased this from we have got you covered.


Certified Apple Technicians


For only £60 our certified Apple engineer will diagnose the isse with your Apple Mac, giving you peace of mind that the diagnosis we provide you will have your system up and running with no further issues after the repair.


Certified Apple Technicians


At CTS we know how much your Apple product is important to you, when you leave your product with us you are kept up to date via email every step of the way. At any point you want to see how your Apple product is coming along you can login to our website and track your order online.


Certified Apple Technicians


You cannot be without your Apple device for too long, so at CTS we work on every repair within 48 working hours, once diagnosed most repairs are dealt with within 3 – 4 working days at the very most. All Mac repairs are kept in house, these do not get sent away. This is also the case for most iPhone, iPad, iPod and Apple Watch repairs.